Friday, September 19, 2008

China to launch 100-day campaign to beef up road safety

The Ministry of Public Security will launch a 100-day campaign on Sunday aimed at preventing serious road accidents.

"The aim of the campaign is to avoid very serious road accidents that kill more than 10 people and markedly decrease those causing more than three to five deaths," Vice Minister Liu Jinguo told a conference here.

The ministry directed local bureaus nationwide to check all passenger vehicles within their area and offer education to all drivers at least once before Oct. 15.

Local offices were directed to overhaul road signals and traffic safety facilities, report any hidden troubles and give feasible suggestions for improvement.

Liu said that those who failed to complete these measures would face punishment.

Liu urged local bureaus to beef up rural road safety, check and register all vehicles of seven seats or more and those transporting dangerous chemicals, and absolutely avoid overcrowding.

On Sept. 13, a bus accident in southwestern Sichuan Province killed all 51 people aboard.

Source: Xinhua

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