Friday, September 19, 2008

Financial regulators have asked domestic financial institutions to submit detailed records of their investments in US and European financial assets to

China expressed its gratitude to the international community for its support to the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics at a reception here on Friday.

Vice President Xi Jinping voiced his congratulations to the athletes from various countries and regions for their outstanding performances. He expressed his appreciation to the international community for its support and contribution to the success of the respective games.

He said China had already fulfilled its promise to host two Olympic events, the Olympics and Paralympics, with the same distinguished features and of the same high level; their success was yielded from the joint efforts made by Chinese and people all over the world.

The Olympic events were the stage for the athletes to realize their dreams and achieve glory, Xi said, noting the Olympic and Paralympic games were also platforms for people worldwide to boost friendship and increase mutual understanding.

He said the two events left the world with spiritual legacies of solidarity, friendship and cooperation, which helped China and the outside world better understand each other.

"We Chinese people are very proud of creating and carrying on those spiritual legacies."

Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi hosted the reception. Around 380 ambassadors and representatives of international organizations in Beijing attended the reception.

Source: Xinhua

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